Bowling with the Best of Them

Audrey is the best.  She and her four kids live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We had a sleepover and played and played.

Christmas Morning and a Surprise!

Liam woke up at the the crack of … an unspeakable hour.  It’s our tradition that kids can wake up and open/explore/eat whatever is in the stocking and then wait until the grownups have coffee before opening more.  Liam was super excited. It was the year of the books for us.  Liam got the last…

Hearts and Frosting

So fun joining our friends Drew, Ema, and their kids Quinn and Juniper to make gingerbread houses.  Of course, decorating the house came second to eating all.the.sugar.

Dear Son

Dear Son, I want you to know that it takes a great deal of strength to be yourself, but it is so worth it. It takes strength to hurt.  To let whatever that feeling it roll or wash or dig or bury you for a little while. This week it is just a Harry Potter hat….