Dear Son

Dear Son,

I want you to know that it takes a great deal of strength to be yourself, but it is so worth it.

It takes strength to hurt.  To let whatever that feeling it roll or wash or dig or bury you for a little while.

This week it is just a Harry Potter hat.  A hat that we saw online and you asked, nay begged for, for your birthday.  You wore it to school, beaming, but some kid that genuinely is your friend joked that with your long-ish curly hair, you looked like Hermoine in it. A tease from someone that you admire.  And it hurt you.  That hat has sat in the winter drawer since, and you simply (and quietly) choose a hat that is plain.

There will be moments like this. Moments were people disagree with what you say or do.  Moments that you are fiercely yourself and someone does not agree.  It takes strength to be yourself, but hang on.

It takes strength to feel how that statement hurt you, to not have something accepted by someone who admire.  This will happen and you are free to feel it.  Disappointment will come, though I wish it didn’t, I can’t shield you from it.  But I can encourage you to feel and to be yourself.

There will be moments, at parties in high school, where a person who has been drinking may want to drive.  Be yourself, be strong, and say no.  There will be moments where you love soccer, but your friends don’t.  There will be days where your friends skip school and you tag along.  There will be mistakes, but learn from them, son.

The moments that define you are the moments that you choose to love yourself, despite what others say. If you are happy within yourself, but some people don’t like it, or say things against who you are.  These people are called toxic people, these people bring you down, and you deserve people who see you for the brilliant person that you are.

Be strong, my son.  It is my job as your mother to guide you and love you and raise you to have the strongest wings that you can, so that you can fly away off into this world.  And when you want to return, I will always be here.  I will always love you.

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Love, always,




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