Christmas Morning and a Surprise!


Liam woke up at the the crack of … an unspeakable hour.  It’s our tradition that kids can wake up and open/explore/eat whatever is in the stocking and then wait until the grownups have coffee before opening more.  Liam was super excited.



It was the year of the books for us.  Liam got the last three Harry Potter books, a bunch of Bailey School kids books, Wayside School, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

He was super thrilled to receive the number one present this year: Light Sabers from Grandma Karen and Grandpa Ali.  Oh my gosh, he practically slept with it.  Santa also brought a bike, but it paled in comparison to those light sabers!




Chad and I always want to one up each other.  One up at Christmas, at planning romantic date nights.  I win sometimes, but he walloped me this year.

He proposed.  🙂


He and Liam had planned for weeks, as Chad designed the ring. He had hidden it in thetree for weeks, and after we had opened our presents, he and Liam went into his room, and Chad told Liam to ask me in ten minutes or so if there were any more presents to open.

Of course, Liam, being seven, FLEW out of the room and asked me.  Liam and I searched around the tree and in the tree, and we found it together.  Chad got down on one knee and I started crying and we all hugged together.

What I loved most was that he involved Liam, and we were all in it together.  Chad and I are not a couple, we are a family and we are in this together.  We love together and live our lives together.



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