Just Accept It

Winter happens in Wisconsin. Usually extending from November to May, this nasty beast of a season takes over and we can either accept it or burrow into our Netflix caves and hide until its a balmy 40 degrees outside.  (Then we Wisconsinites flee from our homes in shorts!) Last week was the burrow.  This week…

The Frosty January

Winter is finally here. With El Nina, we had a shorter season here in Wisconsin, where the temps dip below zero most days, but alas, it swooped in and is here to stay… Even without the frosted windows, you can see winter in our pictures. Even they seem quiet as we dig into our hibernation….

It’s Ours!

Barbecues! Tire swing! Hide and go seek! Flashlight tag! Chasing the dog around! Sledding hill! This yard is ours. Well, it will be mid-March. We have an accepted offer! There’s a lot to do in the coming weeks – inspection, appraisal, closing, packing, moving, so we are still holding our breath until we have the…

That Said

We have an offer on a house today. Big backyard, hardwood floors, updated everything. Fingers crossed, y’all. Fingers crossed.