I won’t open this door because I can’t see behind it. I can hear screams and cries, but I won’t open it.

You see, my boys are fighting and I never thought it possible. Playmobil, power rangers, lego guys, and star wars characters intertwine in an elaborate act. Voices beg for mercy, while others plot for plunder.

My boys are playing, and they are in their beautiful moment together. I hear the screams of the cries of their action figures as they dive from high castle walls, explosion sound effects, and the giggle from both of them.

My seven year old and my fiance in an action figure battle to the death. Laughing hysterically.

I never thought I’d be so happy to be folding laundry in another room.

Listening to screams in cries in the other room, and not opening the door.

For this is their beautiful moment.
And this is my doorknob.


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