House hunting, Or, My Own Personal Reality TV Show


Life, as you may know it, is not like HGTV.

This is what I have learned house hunting. There aren’t unlimited funds, there isn’t a host giving you a dramatization of what the house would look like post renovation, and you see a hell of a lot more than three houses.

Instead, you see house after house, sometimes dreaming that *magically* you are a carpenter and *yes* you can handle that foreclosed home with a sagging roof. Other times you are throwing in the towel and gunning for a house that you don’t even like, but please please God, end this house hunting madness.

Putting an offer in is also an interesting,  sleep-depriving, scenario. Not sleep because one hour you are awake fearing that the underwriter will come back and not only say that you’ll never own a house. The next hour you are awake because it’s really important that you look at Pinterest boards on setting up your future living room. Offer, counter offer, counter, counter, counter…

No, it’s not HGTV. There is no support crew and there are no cameras. We do have a sweet realtor and a hell of a lot of determination, which will get us somewhere.

Where that is, we don’t know. We’ll let you know after we’ve lost more sleep and all of our marbles.


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