Just Accept It

Winter happens in Wisconsin. Usually extending from November to May, this nasty beast of a season takes over and we can either accept it or burrow into our Netflix caves and hide until its a balmy 40 degrees outside.  (Then we Wisconsinites flee from our homes in shorts!)

Last week was the burrow.  This week is us accepting winter 🙂

It really CAN BE beautiful sometimes.


Ice skating with friends.




I taught Liam how to snowboard and he was such a natural! This time I just wore my boots and assisted him, but it will be fun in the coming years to hit the hills together.


Check this kid out!  We worked on sliding, strapping into everything on his own, stopping, and of course, falling safely.  He has difficulty accepting that he’s not perfect at everything right away, so one of the blessings of snowboarding is that you fall. A. LOT.  It’s a great metaphor for life – that sometimes you fall, and it’s not a big deal, you just get back up and try again.  You figure it out in time.  I think we could all use a bit of that lesson sometimes.

I also helped my friend Rachael out with her business. She does personal styling and has a clothing resale shop. She occasionally needs friends to be models, and I get to play dress up!

Check her out.  Ohhhhh man, she has such an eye.  (Super jealous!)



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