We’re always told never to settle.

But let me tell you, settling is pretty damn great.

Settling in. Settling down. Settling with roots in the ground.

Settled. We are happily settled.

It’s been a while since I’ve written, but there’s a lot that goes into a house. The packing and moving and deciding which drawer will be which. All of which was a pleasant distraction to all of the other things that I like doing: reading, writing, rithmatic… Oh my god, just kidding on the last one. But I’ve missed being me and I’ve missed us being us, and we are settled now and can return to what we all love.

And apparently, we all love being outside. We all love the outdoors, good food, making up dumb songs, and laughing a lot.

I think after big transitions, you lose that grounding, but you come up stronger. This was the biggest one we’ve had in our little family, but we got it. Look at it like it’s an adventure and you’ll be set.

So far, we’ve got laser tag… Tagged, sleep overs at the new place, paint colors picked, garden dreams laid on the table, Devil’s Lake hiked, marinara sauce made, storeroom couches perused, summer vacations planned, and living room dance parties that have spun us around til we’re dizzy and laughing.




We’re all pretty happy to settle.

Countin’ our blessings instead of sheep.


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