This MAGIC Moment

You know that moment when it’s so simple and so easygoing and so right… That moment that means nothing, but it’s everything you’ve ever wanted. That magic moment.

That moment when you are walking with your family, grown bigger, and you just can’t believe it. Because it’s all you’ve ever wanted?

Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. I didn’t for so long, in our little family of two (and cat). We had the life – adventures big and small, hard times, great times, and it was always Liam and me. Together. Happy as clams in our little family.


Times can be hard, like when you both have the stomach flu at the same time. Or when you develop the fine habit of choosing always to play a game of tag or Sorry instead of doing dishes.

But it’s not about stomach flu or dishes,  I wanted that person to turn to when Liam was being cute and say “oh, wow, did you see that?”

To be a witness to life with me.

And we found each other. In this crazy big world, Chad and I found each other. And our family has grown.

And so tonight we pulled our wild pup, scooted along, and walked in the neighborhood where we share a house. Our bigger family. Together. And in these tiny moments I am so grateful for each and every step that we’ve taken so far.




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