Building on Building on Building

Spring is here, finally (ish) and with that comes a whirlwind of all the things that we have been waiting to do for the past five years.

Gardening, that is.

Seriously, when you move from apartment to apartment to apartment, often every year in the city of Madison, you don’t waste money on building great gardens.  You’d throw it all away when you moved later on.

So this passion that rages on went dormant for a few years and BAM here it is.  Shade gardens, vegetable gardens, perennial gardens, fruit trees, treehouse, hammock, fire pit, eventually rain gardens and sunken gardens and water gardens.  Yes. all. of. the. things.

So we’ve been building and pulling and building and digging and building.

We also got this great kit from it’s an electronics subscription for kids where they learn and build circuits, led lights, even portable speakers.


There are videos that break it down really nicely and Liam was able to grasp everything quickly.  So cool – especially given that Liam wants to be an inventor when he grows up.


Working on the area where the vegetable garden will be.  Pulled out old overgrown bushes and roots.


Liam helps too.


Next weekend will be building the raised beds, planting, and camping for Mom’s Day weekend.   Win.


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