Nerds for camping


We are such nerds for camping, sometimes we pretend we’re doing it at bedtime.


So when we actually do it, like this past Mother’s Day, we are in our element.


Sword fighting duels….


Climbing giant hills…


Making weird faces for the camera (oh wait, we do that anyway…)…


We are relaxed, happy, and in nature.


Liam picks up new skills every time we go.  This past year he learned how to carve wood and this year he made the entire fire and lit it (under our careful supervision!)


I am about to leave for the third annual Appalachian Trail hike.  A bundle of nerves, I pile my stuff on the couch and breathe nothing but anticipation as I cram my pack.  Staring at all the things around me, knowing all the things around me, I am so aware of all that I will not miss and all that I will miss when I am gone.

I will not be missing driving or traffic jams, bad radio, or netflix.  I will not be missing work, though I love it.  I will not miss my phone and the constant upkeep of emails, facebook, and dings from notifications that I never cared about in the first place.

I will miss my boys, the cuddles and morning coffee before the rush to school.  I will miss story times, bedtimes, movie times.  I will miss this house, as it has become the best home that we’ve had here in Madison.  I will miss our pup and our cat.  These little things, these connections that make up our lives.

I am a bundle of nerves, Mom guilt surging, tickets in hand as I pack up and Chad and I have my last date night before I leave.  It will be a car ride, a bus ride, a plane ride, a bus ride, a car ride and then I’m in the mountains again.  My second home, my Momma in the trees, and I know that I am excited as well.  Nine days in the mountains.  Nine days with limited communication and lots and lots of climbing.  These mountains are mine, these steps are mine, this trip is mine.  In a way it feels selfish to do such things sometimes, but it is more than a trip, it is a mission to me.  Whether I go or not, these mountains breathe in me, they call to me.  The fog through the trees, the endless switchbacks, reaching the top of the mountain and claiming a bit of it as yours, if only for that moment.

The Appalachian Trail.

Cross your fingers for no bears for me.



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