The Many Adventures of Little Oscar

Liam was kind enough to give me his dog, Little Oscar, on my trip so that I wouldn’t be lonely.  Little Oscar had quite the adventure.

Waiting patiently in the airport. He got a little nervous when we took off, but looking out the window helped.

Finally on the trail.  Little Oscar wants to be the fearless leader.

But sometimes he just wants to play.


He loves to find sticks of all sizes.

He was relieved when we reached the shelters at night.  Finally a place to rest.

Of course he ate my food right out of the pan!  Later on Little Oscar fell asleep soundly.  Silly guy was hogging the sleeping bag.

It was a wonderful trip.  Sometime he liked to ride in my jacket, but other times he wanted to explore.  He was a very good little puppy.


When it was time to come home, he was ready.  He wanted to check out the plane a little bit more this time.  He loved it so much, he wanted to help!  They were very nice, but said that dogs aren’t allowed to fly the plane.


Home at last.  Sweet puppy was licking and jumping on everything!


He ran all over the house, but stopped to give his old friend Spiderbear a cuddle.


Watched the birds with Buckley.


And laid on his friend, big Oscar.

What a great adventure, little pup!



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