Cannonballs, Movies, and Fireflies

We jumped right into summer this week. Liam was a little nervous riding down the larger waterslide at Monona Pool, but he gave it one shot, and promptly said that he wasn’t going to do it again until next year.  (It goes pretty deep) Instead, cannonballs seem to do the trick for our thrills.


There was a movie night at Camp Randall, so we packed our blankets and headed down.  We watched Zootopia in the big stadium, and it was Liam’s and my first time there.  Guess we’re not the best Madisonians, having not attended a single football game yet, but that’ll happen.  This was a good start to the fun that will happen when he’s older (and more likely to somewhat appreciate the $50 ticket we’ll have to snag for him)





We always go strawberry picking and after eating as many as we could off the vines, we were able to grab 24 pounds of them.  It will be worth it come January and we are craving some sweet summer fruits.




We also play a lot of soccer in the backyard, and at night we have so many fireflies.  They dance all over.  We caught them in our hands and let them go.  Pictures don’t suffice for something like that, but it was grand.


Things we were able to cross off our annual summer bucket list

Go strawberry picking

Catch fireflies in the backyard

Play soccer

Swim at the pool

We read: 

The Vacationers, Emma Straub

Choke, Chuck Palahniuk

Half of The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen

Encyclopedia Brown: Encyclopedia Gets his Man


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