July 4th Adventures

Every year since Liam was one, we have gone to the Monona Festival for their July Fourth celebration.  His enthusiasm has only grown over these years, as he is able to participate more and more.  It started out with only fireworks and Mom enjoying the delightful corn dog and cotton candy, and now, well, he loves it all.

We rode bikes there in the afternoon and did as many rides as we could.  It was a four mile ride there and back and I was really proud of how far we went!


Chad looking a little queasy… he was braver than me to do the Tilt a Whirl with Liam.





What July 4th looks like, heck, this is what summer looks like to us.  Water fights as we dash away on scooters.


We walked back later in the evening to watch the fireworks.  They are the best show I have ever seen, where you can lay on your blanket or sit back in your chair and it looks as though they are raining down.  It’s so close and so big.  I love that we have this in our city.






A long walk home under the stars and streetlights.  What a wonderful day.


Things we did on the 2016 Summer Bucket List:

See Monona Fireworks


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