Festivals and Friends

“Hot weather opens the skull of a city, exposing its white brain, and its heart of nerves, which sizzle like the wires inside a lightbulb.”- Truman Capote, Summer Crossing





Kids chase bubbles over the grass lined with the shadows of the old fashioned ferris wheel.  People packed for music,  holding hands as we trace through the crowds, seeing old friends and clinking our plastic glasses together.  We love the festivals in Madison.  La Fete de Marquette is my personal favorite, but I love that we all have different favorites.  An assorted palette of music, ambiance, and a noted change of season with each.

Waterfront in June marks that what we have waited for is finally here: summer.  La Fete is July, the hottest point of the days, where we eat our ice cream before it drips down our elbows and ride that Ferris Wheel for the clear view and the breeze as it takes you around. Orton Park Festival is August, where you make sure to save a spot for yourself, the music ends late and the lights shine bright as trapeze artists dance under the trees.  Their movements in the lights seem like stars.  The last festival of the year is Willy St Fair, which is the end of summer.  You can feel the chill of September as we pull the sweaters from the bottom of our drawers, and riding there on your bike suddenly has that chill.  School will be starting soon and with that the months on the calendar seem to fly with whip speed.

When these months seem to pass so fast, it’s important for us to remember the lights, the movement, and the moments that make us smile.




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