I blinked and then

We blinked and -poof!- there went September.

Between school starting, Chad coaching soccer, and the start of the new fiscal year for me at the nonprofit, the weeks are absolutely flying by.

Really grateful for these little moments of solace, though.  Moments that slow it all down.

I think sometimes you have to recognize that moment and make the world stop.  If only for that minute…

Like attending Chad’s cousin’s wedding in Minnesota and visiting Minneapolis afterwards, watching the sun set to a cello band on a warm summer night, or ducking through corn husks and finding our way out of a maze.





We are heading into the cold fall and winter here in Wisconsin.  Halloween is known for being cold and parents need to find creative ways to layer their kids up under knight and ghost costumes.  Liam is settled on being Wolverine, because he has those “awesome claws”.  Which is also great for me, because Wolverine is often known for having a bulky winter coat (i.e. muscles) under his XMEN uniform.

We are cleaning up the garden and preparing it for fall, planting onions and garlic for next year.  It was a great first year: our tomatoes went crazy and overshadowed the peppers and beans, but we were still able to get a good harvest.  We even got some pumpkins!

We are digging back into Harry Potter books, after taking a break in the summer.  We’re on the Order of the Phoenix and it’s just as addictive as ever.  We find ourselves burrowing in with blankets while the wind howls outside, and it’s just perfect.

Chad is coaching JV soccer at his high school and also teaching economics.  He’s that fun teacher that everybody loves – always finding games or things to do with the students, showing youtube clips of Beavis and Butthead… He’s really good at his job, loves it too, and we appreciate what a beautiful gift that is.

Liam is playing soccer too, and is really enjoying it.  Other sports or activities he’s done in the past have been great, but not with the same kids throughout the semester.  Soccer at this camp or this one, fun yes, but the experience this year is really building a sense of teamwork that can’t be taught, only fostered.


Like I said, the weather is changing.  Alternating 80 degree days with 60 degrees and rainy, but we make the best of things.



As for me, I am starting the new year for the nonprofit.  It will be a year of studying happiness and bringing the community together through storytelling and different workshops.  It’s awesome watching it come together and I’m already planning the art exhibition that will be held next October 2017.  THIS is where my heart is – helping people, working in the community, and ART.

Hopefully I will write before October ends.  Fingers crossed I don’t blink – and it’s all over – again.



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