Liam’s Birthday!

We celebrated Liam’s 8th birthday on October 17.  It was amazing.  We follow traditions here in our family and that includes:

Making a BIG deal of birthdays

Smashing our face in the cake

Decorating the house to the max

And now, epic nerf battles.


We opened presents and went to a Hibachi grill.  Liam has never been and was throughly freaked out when they lit the fire in front of us.  Ended up loving it, though.  Especially the extra whip cream on the cake they brought out.


We had a Reeses Pieces Chocolate Chip ice cream cake when we got home!


Which makes said tradition of smashing faces in it especially interesting.




I think Chad got into the nerf battle as much (or more) than Liam.  It was Chad that constructed that couch pillow fortress over there.



Liam loved it.  Stayed up too late reading the book we got him – it’s a group of kids that fight zombies and monsters.  So, really, that’s the best ever.

Happy birthday, my sweet boy.  I am so lucky to be your Momma.


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