Saturday (Or, How I’m Pretty Damn Impressed by Wisconsin Fall this Year)

Normally by this time of year, it’s 30 and nearly snowing.  Thanks, Wisconsin, for holding it back just a little so the trees can hang on to their leaves and we can (for the most part) leave the jackets at home.

This Saturday was a fine example.  While the morning was chilly, we had a great time at Liam’s soccer game.



This is his whole team, almost all second graders from his school.  When Liam transitioned to his new school, he was a little worried about it.  Knowing a couple kids from the neighborhood and this team has made all the difference in the world.  You can’t *quite* tell from his face here, but that’s Liam’s special trick lately when I ask him to smile.  He grimaces as though I am asking him to clean his room.


Wrestling is mandatory after a game.


As well as impromptu conga lines.


After the game, we went home and cleaned up the yard and garden more.  Went to this fantastic comic book class at a local library, where Liam was “inspired” to do more.  His words, truly!  I love how much he loves to draw, a boy after my own heart.


Then we went pumpkin picking with our friends Camilla and Winston.





We ended the day with a bonfire at our friends Drew and Ema’s house.  No pictures because we were enjoying the crisp air and warm fire.  Too dark and cozy to grab the camera.

But it was a perfect day.  Thanks, Wisconsin, for holding out on the blowing winter that is coming.  🙂



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