Windy City Celebration

Every year, I buy Liam a small present for his birthday, and his big present is a day-trip to Chicago.  He picks the museums, the restaurants, and we turn his present into an experience.

He has so many toys, we want to create an experience that we can remember for his whole life, and a tradition that he can count on in the years to come.

It’s such a treat celebrating in this way, and means so much more to us than an action figure that will inevitably end up lost/in the trash/donated/eaten by Oscar in the future.  (Albeit enjoyed before those things happen, but nonetheless.)

This year, Liam wanted to go to Build a Bear workshop and make a new friend.


For those that don’t know what Build a Bear is, you actually build a new stuffed animal there in the store.  Pick an unstuffed animal, choose a sound for their paw, clothes for them, make them real with a heart, and give them a name with a real “birth” certificate.

Liam loves this place so much, it’s a real treasure for him.  He chose a little puppy, and in true Liam fashion, named him after what it looks like: Little Dog.  (Other stuffed animal friends named in the past are Red Monkey, Little Oscar, Otto the Otter, Blue Monkey, etc.  Take your best guess as to what those friends look like. 🙂 )


We went to the Children’s Museum and got ourselves busy playing.


In case you’re wondering, this is what the experience of standing next to your love who has just eaten an onion and lamb gyro.





We walked over to the Field Museum.  Chad was happy to test out the Ancient Egyptian bed.


I loved the dioramas and took entirely too many pictures on the exhibits.  Studying how the Field curates their rooms.  YES.


This is what happens when I ask the guys to take a posed photo.  Gawd, Mom, another.  Really?!?


We all had fun picking different areas to explore.


Obligatory Bean family photo.


Liam chose the Rainforest Cafe for dinner.  If you haven’t been there, it’s amazing.  Decorated like a rainforest, it has thunderstorms and mechanical animals that move on the walls.  A man made balloon animals for the kids too.  A real treat for any eight year old kid.


Got home late and tired, but wow, what an awesome day.  We look forward to it all year and it’s so nice to spend a weekend day adventuring with our little family.  We agreed the next trip will be a Chad Chooses the Adventures Chicago Day.  By that, we mean that we will go to five+ breweries, and maybe a museum.  🙂


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