Slowing Down, Taking a Moment

The landscape is changing.  Not only politically, which it is, and fast, but also within our quaint, yet busy lives.

It was a whirlwind of a fall, sweeping the leaves down in the yard and our lives spinning with activities.  It’s nice to start to slow down, watch the sun set at 430pm, and cuddle up.


Cuddling in means relaxing with a book.  Liam has always been a good reader, but now he is reading constantly.  Finishing about a book a day, he is always absorbed in the words and comic book pictures of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.  We often have to tell him to put a book down for breakfast or dinner, but he has them stashed everywhere – the car, littered all over tables, his backpack.  I absolutely love it.

We area so lucky to have almost a quarter acre of land in the city!  That said, it makes for a fun afternoon when we have to rake it all.  This is before, when we had nearly four inches of leaves that had dropped in one week.




Oscar loved it, of course.

We’ve been working on our house since we moved in.  Painting here and there, collecting furniture that we love.  It’s far from finished, but that’s part of the fun.  We love going out and collecting little pieces here and there that complement the mid-century style that we’re going for.  Our house was built in 1953 and we want to honor that.





Chad is busy teaching and I am busy with the art nonprofit.  Aside from that, we aren’t doing much.  Happy to count our blessings, instead of sheep.

The landscape is changing, and we are burrowing, watching, and waiting for what’s to come.



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