I’ll Give you the Moon

Ah, Christmas time.  It really is my favorite time of year.  The day after Thanksgiving brings the Christmas tree, ornaments, the smells of cloves and oranges.  It brings gingerbread houses, traditions from years past, and books whose rhymes we’ve known since birth.  Ornaments and lights twinkle, and the days slow down.

Here are our days from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, where we spent time with family on both sides.  New traditions form when families blend, and so we mash these two together – combining what we both love and what we both need.  Family, food, friends, and a love of this amazing time.

Christmas Eve we went to Chad’s parents house, and later to his cousin’s house in Pewaukee.


We played a white elephant type christmas gift game, as everyone passed around the gifts.  Note:  the monkey gift WAS the best, Shan.


Christmas morning started early.  430am early.  The earliest Christmas morning we’ve yet had.  We managed to convince him to wait, spo he spent the next two hours checking on us in bed, starting at the lights and presents in the tree, and eating candy from his stocking for two hours.  He was buzzing from excitement and sugar at 630 when Chad and I made coffee.


Liam got a LOT of nerf guns, games, books, snowboarding goggles, and darts.


Chad and I made presents for each other this year, as we prepare for the wedding in July.  He made me lotion (yes, my amazing fiance made lotion) and gave me a plant.  I made him a coffee mug.

A few days later, we went over to Michigan to see my family.  My brother Dylan lives in Petoskey, so we manage to get a lot of podcasts down in the eight hour drive.  We were able to stop by Empire, Michigan, where the wedding will be.  It is so unbelievable. The wind stung our faces as it swept off the lake, the snow crunched beneath our feet, and the waves crashed hard on the shore, but it was still easy to see the beauty that would come.  We could just see it – the lights, the people, the grass.  I’m so glad we could stop over.






We went up to Petoskey, and spent a couple days with Dylan, Kathleen, and their cat Dexter.  Dad and Suzy came up too, and we spent the time playing games, watching movies, and catching up.  We went to Pond Hill Farm, one of the best farm to table restaurants places I’ve ever seen.  Everything, from the tables, walls, and roof, to the salads and burgers, to the beer, honey and wine, was made right there on the farm.  They do everything right there.  We’ll definitely be back!




The dudes had a chance to sled down the hill, so the dudes took their chance to slide down the hill.  I love their faces.


We spent New Years with Audrey and friends at her house, and headed back home on the 1st.  Whirlwind tour and the end of 2016!

58758.jpeg     img_20170101_003812.jpg

2017 we’re coming for ya!


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