Chocolate and Other Adventures

Winter winter winter!  Feels like spring now, it’s 65 degrees out and sunny (for a couple days)!

But we’ve really enjoyed this winter, however mild it has been.  We only went snowboarding once.

And ice skating once.  (But it was awesome)



But we went sledding a lot!

We went to Liam’s winter concert that was held at a local theater!



We’ve played inside with Oscar.

And read a lot of books!  (Hibernating is key in wintertime)

Liam has been inventing a lot of things lately, and his whole room is now full of Rube Goldberg/domino/ramp machines that he’s made.  He is inspired by this great app caleld Jam that gives kids quests to make things, but no directions, so they have to figure it out on their own.  Once they do, they make videos of things.  Here’s one of his!

Just this weekend, Chad had a soccer tournament at Breakaway.  We went Saturday night and on Sunday, Liam and I went off to the Milwaukee art museum for the day.  It’s so nice to dash off for adventures now and then!


Other than that, we are making brownies and eating the chocolate off the spoon.


And we’re busy with wedding planning – getting all the details figured out – flowers, music, etc.  It’s coming up so fast!  Just a couple months away!




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