Perfect Day

Perfect day this Memorial Day weekend. Liam and I woke up and went to the farmer’s market.

He had ten dollars to spend. He got a smoothie, a pastry, and rhubard sauce for his lunches. I want to teach him to support local farmers and businesses. He could spend it on anything, but he had to spend it on a local establishment. I think he was up to the challenge. 🙂

Here we are looking at the honey booth, where they had honey bees in a small hive. We are trying to spot the queen. Can you find it?

I got all of our veggie starters for our garden – three types of tomatoes, three types of peppers, pumpkin, peas, beans, cucumber, broccoli, and a lot of herbs.

We walked through the Capital and up to the top. Amazing moment when we asked a stranger to take our photo, she took this one before we are posed and smiling, and it captures our spirit perfectly.

This is us. Loving and happy.

We dashed to the co-op to get a couple treats for dinner and ate a little snack there. I have to admit, it’s one of my favorite places in Madison. And this turned out to be my favorite video of Liam so far.

We got home and Liam and Chad went frisbee golfing with some friends. While they were gone, I bought some compost/mulch/top soil and planted our veggie garden.

I also cleaned up the backyard more, pruning bushes and weeding. It doesn’t look like much now, but I’m laying the groundwork for an amazing space. In the next few weeks, I’ll add paver stones. Over the summer, we’ll work on the treehouse. Next year, we’ll dig out a section, level out the yard, add a rentlention wall, build a deck, add a table, string lights, and have a beautiful space. The years that come will bring a chicken coop, compost bins, a rain garden, a sunken firepit area, and fruit trees.

I can see it all when I work on things. This beautiful space is coming to life in our very own secret garden. (I never feel closer to my Mom than when I am gardening.)

We made homemade burgers, carrot fries, a vegan aioli, homemade pickles, and salad and ate in the backyard. Stories, showers, and bedtime.

A great start to a great summer.


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