Wedding Showers and Parties

It’s been AWESOME celebrating with friends and family before the wedding. We are so incredibly thankful to everyone who has been there for us – whether it is planning and throwing a shower or party, making cute decorations for us, helping us see the wedding invitations, taking us out for beer or wine, and everything in between.

Here’s a collection of photos of the parties in the last few months!

Wedding shower with the Amini’s, hosted by Shala and Karen: 

Look at that cake! And those details!!

Wedding Shower with friends, hosted by Ema:

(This invite. Oh my God. Ema is a Photoshop wizard.)

Ema made us an AMAZING ketuba for our home. We’ll sign it after the wedding ceremony. It includes parts of our ceremony and is designed with old maps! Just love it!

Chad’s Bachelor Party, in Minaqua, WI. 

Pictures coming soon.

My bachelorette party, hosted by Audrey, in Madison. 

We went out for pedicures the morning of the party. Liam loved the massage chair.

Then had beers and brats at the new Beirgarden close to our house.

The whole night was a surprise to me, which I loved. We hung out at my friend Rachael’s house, then got sushi, and danced the night away.

Such a incredible group of empowering, beautiful women. So fun!

We’re just days away from the wedding now. Relaxing on the beach, hiking, and reading!


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  1. Wishing you many years of fun as you begin your new life as one!! May the good Lord always be the head of your household. Enjoy the time you have together!! Love and hugs, great Aunt Darleen


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