All of the Details

I am an artist, most recently an installation artist: a genre of mostly three dimensional works that are site-specific and seek to transform a space. I tend to work in interactive art, so that viewers become participants in the experience. They are invited to play, touch, and experiment with pieces to complete it. Often the piece is not complete without their manipulation.

That said, this wedding has been a big art project for me.

Eighteen months of carefully curating pieces to form vingettes on tables, little scenes that transform the space and invite play. This is the work that I do at my exhibitions, often inviting a juried collection of artists to contribute to the greater scene.

So, I’ve handmade a lot of things – so.many.details. Like collecting coasters from all our favorite breweries in Michigan and Wisconsin, finding “badge” pins for the guys to use as boutonnieres, selecting field guides from antique mall, vintage pick up stick games, giant frame for a photo booth, painting signs like old summer camps to direct people, hand making a six page field guide to tying the knot for the invitation… I clearly love it. (Which is great, because if I didn’t, I would go crazy.)

Here’s a little preview of the stuff to come in the next couple days.

Spa in a jar for the ladies.

Kits for the bathrooms.

The favor and “camper registration” table where we’ll hand out flashlights and offer vintage postcards for people to “sign in with.” The vase will have baby’s breath in it, and the bowl will be filled with flashlights.

The bar scene, outlined on our kitchen table.

The menu, with food from Pigs N Eatin food truck.

And so much more! A post with all the details will follow.



  1. Mallory, I read your blog and it was SO NEAT!! The tears were coming down my checks for I am Aunt Darleen and saw all the beautiful pics that were taken too. Then it mentioned about signing up for the blog etc. I did put down my email address & now when I was to “confirm” it & open an account, I didn’t know what to do. I have some questions, is there an annual charge? Could you please let me know? Thanks!! I thought it was like reading about you, your son & Chad. I thought “oh how sweet”!! I am 75, so sometimes I’m not real good at this—please forgive me. Darleen Rautmann


    1. Thanks!! I assume that you would make a WordPress account to confirm reading it. There’s no charge at all! 🙂 Let me know if you have other problems – I help Karen and Ali all the time 🙂


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