Our Dreams


We have big dreams and little dreams.

We made a list when within a month of knowing each other.  A list of things that we would want to do in our life together, because we knew, right away, that we were each other’s soulmates.

It was 101 things, but here is a little bit of what we want to do together.

Finish the Appalachian Trail.   Have a picnic. Go cliff jumping.  Go swimming at night in the summertime.  Build a chicken coop and raise chicks.  Catch fireflies.  Teach Liam how to snowboard.  Get married.  Go to a drive in movie.  Play frisbee golf.  Go to a casino.  Spend all day at the beach.  Go to Six Flags.  Have kids together.  Make mud pies with them and splash in the puddles.  Buy a house.  Get a tire swing.  Play bocce ball.  Build a family of snow people.  Sew a quilt for our baby.