Read 150 Books in 2017

Inspired by a friend who read 150 books and did a piece of art for each one, I have made a goal to read more this year.  I love reading and take it upon summer time to dash through at least a book a week, but I want to do this all the time.  Make time, do it!

In order to stay on task, I’ll write them here!  (And maybe if I am super inspired, I’ll make a piece of art for some of them!)

1/150  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, F. Scott Fitzgerald


2/150 Motherless Brooklyn, Jonathan Lethem

“It was a place made out of leftover chunks of disappointment, unemployment, and regret.
3/150 1984, George Orwell

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”

4/150 Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, Sherman Alexie

“I’ll dance a Ghost Dance. I’ll bring them back. Can you hear the drums? I can hear them, and it’s my grandfather and grandmother singing. Can you hear them? 

I dance one step and my sister rises from the ash. I dance another and a buffalo crashes down from the sky onto a log cabin in Nebraska. With every step, an Indian rises. With every step, a buffalo falls. 

…My tribe dances behind me. At first they are no bigger than children. Then they begin to grow, larger than me, larger than the trees around us…We dance in circles growing larger and larger until we are dancing on the shore, watching all the ship’s returning to Europe. All the white hands are waving goodbye and we continue to dance, dance until the ship’s fall off the horizon, dance until we are so tall and strong that the sun is nearly jealous. We dance that way.”

5/150 Daytripper, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba  

“Life is like a book, son. And every book has an end. No matter how much you like that book…You will get to that last page…And it will end. No book is complete without an end. And once you get there…Only when you reach the last words…Will you see how good the book is. It feels real.”

6/150 Remember Me Like This, Bret Anthony Johnston

“So, on the first weekend of September, it was the group of walkers who first saw the body in the bay before anyone else. They didn’t immediately comprehend the sight. The water was ragged and dirty from the previous week’s storm, and the body floated facedown; it looked like a person snorkeling, except an arm and leg were bent at odd, harsh angles. One of the walkers retched and kneeled on the walkway. Another started praying. Another dug in her pocket for her phone. The rest of the group stared and speculated and tried to trick themselves into thinking the person might have survived the fall. No one could tell if it was a male or female, or how old, and none of them thought of Justin Campbell, the boy who’s gone missing years before.” 

7/150 The Color Purple, Alice Walker

I think us here to wonder, myself. To wonder. To ast. And that in wondering bout the big things and asting bout the big things you learn about the little ones, almost by accident. But you never know noting more about the big things than you start out with. The more I wonder, he say, the more I love.”