Summer Bucket List 2017

Our fifth annual summer bucket list! We’ve got to do all of them, big or small, before the summer is over.

Challenge. Accepted.

Finished activities will be bolded and have a photo of it!

Summer List Review:  Amazing and BUSY summer.  We didn’t do a lot of the things we would have normally done, because we were out of town so much and missed it (ie. strawberry and blueberry season, Dane County Fair) BUT it was great nonetheless. 


Drive thru movie

Build a sandcastle – no photo

Jump on a trampoline

Run down a hill

Pick strawberries

Volunteer at Heartland Farm Sanctuary

Mom and Chad get married!


Make wishes on dandelions

Go to Concerts on the Square

Chuck e Cheese

Eat ice cream

Reading program at library

See a parade

Make a cake for no reason

Make popcicles

Buy new sketchbooks


Do sparklers (we did at the wedding, but no pictures)

Tie Dye a Shirt

Bury Someone in the Sand

Run through sprinklers

Skip stones

Laser tag

Go carts

Have a garage sale

Dinner at a Food Truck – 120 people eating from the Pigs N Eating food truck at our wedding

Road Trip!

Obligatory wing of airplane in sky photo

Stand under the Redwood Trees

San Francisco winery

Mallards Baseball Game

Make root beer floats (made them, but no photo)


Ride a ferris wheel

Go to the zoo

Play chess

Make a picture/video at the end of Summer


Photo for each activity throughout the summer – we got almost all of them!

Go kayaking

Find a Petoskey Stone

Make pickled carrots

Make salsa

Run in the rain

Spa Day! (Didn’t end up being the whole day, but we got pedicures with Audrey!)

Make a mixed CD – alas, we couldn’t make a cd because none of our machines do that anymore!  We made lots of playlists, though

Make a giant pillow fort and watch a movie in it


Have a lemonade stand (Lemonade Stand for those affected by Hurricane Harvey) 

Go to a park we’ve never been to before

Build an obstacle course outside

Brew Sun Tea no picture 😦

Play Ultimate Frisbee no pictures, but played a lot

Visit the Memorial Union

Pick blueberries

Go to the Saturday Farmers Market

Pillow Fight (happens all the time, but no pictures)

Make a comic book

Liam write a story and illustrate it

Do a research project Liam did a research on a dream vacation this summer.  He chose Jamaica and outlined his budget, itinerary, make a packing list, and wrote a pretend postcard to a friend from there.  No pictures, though

Paint on a canvas

See a sunset on Lake Michigan

Go camping at Kohler Andrae

Go camping over Mother’s Day

GIGANTIC bubble bath

Nerf gun battle

Movie marathon

Pranks on people

Read 100 picture books in one day

Ride bikes to Monona Pool

Eat ice cream or popcicles at the pool

Go to the skate park

Visit the SFMOMA

Ride in a cable car in San Fran

Ocean Kayaking in Monterey

Hike at Devil’s Lake

Go to an arcade

Make homemade pizza

Go to an antique mall

Make a diorama

Water War (á la Jimmy Fallon)

Fourth of July Carnival at Monona

Zombie tag

Have a picnic in the arboretum

Dane county Fair

Do sidewalk chalk galleries

See a performance at Madison Circus Space


Add on to the treehouse

Build a larger perennial garden

Birthday party for a stuffed animal

Fly a kite

Have a bonfire

Roast + make smores Made so many, but alas, no pictures of this

See Sylvan Esso at Majestic

Make a popcicles stick villages – made three houses and one treehouse.  No Pictures, though.

Clay Open Studio at Midwest Clay Project

Fuse glass at Fired Up!

Make a model car or plane

Build a rocket

Go to the Capital

Shitty Barns concert

Make cards for people at a nursing home

Cave Man Day – this is one of the caves.  We do this every year and “play evolution” where the kids are the first humans, and we go through the evolution of people through the agricultural age.  When they start, they have to be silent, because the first people did not have language yet.  Later I hide berries and animals (photos of animals) so they can hunt and gather for their food.  It’s a super fun game every time.

Be blind and try echolocation for an hour